How do you apply the decals?


Recommended steps:
**Decals are best applied over colored base.**


  1. Appy gel base coat and color per usual. Cure.
  2. Repeat a layer of base coat or foil transfer gel. Cure.
  3. Select and cut out decal.
  4. Dip the decal into water for 10 to 20 seconds.
  5. Gently Slide the decal from the backing.
  6. Carefully dab off the excess water from both sides of the decal.
  7. Apply decal to cured tacky layer (I find the best result over a cured base coat of gel or foil transfer gel) and align the decal to the cuticle.
  8. Very gently smooth the sides of the decal. Do no apply too much pressure when smoothing or the integrity of the decal will be compromised. The less touch the better.
  9. If there is any excess decal at the sides/ cuticle or tip use a file to files the sides off or you can used an acetone dipped brush to break it away.
  10. Seal design by applying another coat of base coat gel polish over the decal paying close attention to the sides and free edge. Cure.
*Pro Tip* If you would like to encapsulate decal with acrylic you will need to apply a gel layer fist or the monomer will cause the decal to bleed.
  1. Top coat. Cure. Buff nail until smooth (you don’t want to have any edges lifted). Apply final top coat.



The decal keeps sliding on the nail, it won't stick. What can I do?
Applying a gel base coat or a foil transfer gel over the color will help the decal stay in place while you smooth it out. Also, make sure the decal isnt so wet Lightly tap the decal on a lint free wipe or paper towel to soak up the water.


I’ve soaked for the recommended time but the decal isn’t sliding of the back, what should I do?

The finish used to seal decals can bond differently depending on the temperature and humidity at the time of spraying. If you have difficulty sliding the decal off, try soaking or 20 more seconds to see if this helps.

If you are still having issues simply use tweezers gently lift the decal from the backing.

My decal is splitting when I smooth it out, why?

Decals are very fragile. It is very important that you don’t over handle to decal. The layer you work with is very fine film so require careful handling to reduce the chance of distorting, splitting, or over stretching the decal. Using a high tack base coat before applying will reduce the need to over handle.

It is also best to cut the roughs hape required for the nail too help reduce the amount of smoothing.


Can I use acrylic or hard gel with the decals?
Yes. We recommend applying a layer of gel over the decal (cure then buff) to prevent bleeding from the monomer touching the decal.


I used acrylic to seal the decal but the design has bled. What did I do wrong?

The monomer used with acrylic powder will break the decal down. To encapsulate with acrylic ensure you are sealing the decal with a cured layer of gel before adding acrylic.

Do the decals fit on short nails?
Our regular size decals are made for medium to long nails. However, our decals will fit on short nails perfectly fine if you don't mind cropping out some of the image.